Why A Cheat Meal Might Just Save Your Diet And Boost Fat Loss

If there’s one thing that most dieters always want to know about as they go about their fat loss diet plan, the cheat meal is it.

Is a cheat meal okay to have on your diet or must you really cut out all the foods that you enjoy entirely?

There’s no question that if you start having cheat meals just a little too often this is going to hold you back from seeing progress.  Cheat meals will be much higher in fat and calories than normal meals would, and that will definitely add up.

But, if you plan your cheat meals wisely, this doesn’t have to be the case. In some situations, cheat meals can actually help you see faster overall results, so it’s imperative that you learn how to incorporate these into your diet plan properly.

Let’s have a look over some of the main things that you should keep in mind.

Cheat Meals And Your Metabolism

The very first positive effect that a cheat meal will have as you go about your diet is the fact that they will help to boost your metabolism.

Any time you go on a reduced calorie diet plan for an extended period of time, the body is going to slow its metabolic rate. It literally thinks that you’re trying to starve it and it’s going to do everything it can to prevent this from happening.

But, by having the cheat meal you send the message to the body that it’s getting more fuel again, thus the metabolism speeds back up.

All it takes is one good cheat meal to help offset a slow metabolism so that you can start seeing fat loss results again.

Cheat Meals And Your Food Cravings

The next benefit of a cheat meal is with regards to your food cravings.  If you aren’t incorporating any cheat meals into your plan, it is only going to be a matter of time before food cravings get the best of you.

Fortunately, the cheat meal will prevent this.  By allowing that cheat meal into your diet plan at a specific pre-determined point, you’re going to help prevent yourself from falling off the plan at any other time during the diet.

Simply knowing that you will get to have whatever food you’re craving is often enough for most people to stay with eating healthy the rest of the time.

Cheat Meals And Muscle Glycogen Levels 

Finally, the last reason why cheat meals can help to increase your results is because if you choose to make the cheat meal high carb in nature, this will restore your muscle glycogen level, which is the primary energy source used during your workout sessions.

With fully stocked muscle glycogen you’ll be able to workout at a higher intensity, thus you’ll see more calorie burning and faster overall progress.

So as you can see, a cheat meal can be a good thing for your diet. You just need to make sure that you keep them limited to about once per week and still practice moderation. To help prevent hunger from causing you to really overdo it at the cheat meal, make sure to take an appetite suppressant like Phen 375 beforehand, as this will ensure you don’t gain body fat due to that cheat.

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Your 30 Minute Workout Routine To Look Your Best On Valentine’s Day


Valentine's day countdown

Valentine’s day countdown (Photo credit: Julie K in Taiwan)

If you’re getting all geared up for the Valentine’s Day holiday, chances are you’re thinking of what you can do to look your best for your sweetie on the night of your big date.

Spending a bit of time in the gym, focusing on firming up your muscles and burning off a bit of fat is the best approach to take and when coupled with a good diet plan will definitely get you the results you’re after.

The key to looking your best is to come up with a workout plan that’s short on time, high in intensity, and that will work all the predominant areas of the body that people notice first.

This is what will help whip you into shape the fastest so that you can look your best in no time.

Let’s go over a few points to remember and then provide you with a 30 minute Valentine’s Day workout routine.  Do this routine three times per week starting about 3 weeks out from Valentine’s Day and you’ll be all set to dress up and look your best.

Use Compound Movement Trisets

The first technique you’re going to use for this 30 minute workout plan is called a triset.  You’re going to focus on performing two compound exercises, which will work the most muscle fibers at once and burn up calories the fastest and then add in one cardio or core exercise in with them.

This will help to make sure that you get the best overall metabolic boost from the workout session as well, which means you’ll continue to burn fat for hours after the session is completed.

Keep Rest Short

The second technique you’ll be using in this approach is to keep your rest periods short and snappy. 30 seconds is the max amount of time that you want to spend between your trisets before moving on to the next one.

This will also ensure that you keep your heart rate up the entire time, providing strong cardiovascular benefits as well.

Use Large Body Movements

Finally, last but not least, you’ll use large body movements.  This involves making sure that you’re moving through the full movement pattern when doing the exercise so that you can get the full range of motion in.

The larger your range of motion, the more intense the activity is going to be and the faster you’re going to be seeing benefits.

So let’s so you your workout.

Perform one set of each triset, resting 30 seconds between each one until all are completed.  Then rest for 2 minutes before cycling through the workout one more time.

Triset #1

Squats – 15 reps
Push-Ups – 15 reps
Knee Highs – 1 minute

Triset #2

Lunges – 20 reps
Bent Over Rows – 15 reps
Jumping jacks – 1 minute

Triset #3

Deadlift – 15 reps
Pull-Ups – 20 reps
Burpees – 1 minute

Triset #4

Step-Ups – 15 reps
Shoulder Press – 20 reps
Mountain Climbers – 1 minute

Triset #5

Sumo Squats – 15 reps
Pull-Downs – 20 reps
Plank – 1 minute

So get yourself into the gym and start up this 30 minute workout and you’ll be seeing dramatic changes taking place in your body for this coming Valentine’s Day.

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New Years Resolutions: Tips For Sticking With It

healthy diets,

new diets healthy, new year, as the New Year rapidly approaches, many people are going to start thinking about what they can do to help ensure that they set proper New Year’s resolutions and then stick with them as time passes on.

Most people often start out strong, attacking their goal head on during the first week of January, but by the time Valentine’s day rolls around, they’ve completely fallen off the bandwagon.

So what does it take to stick with it and finally see the success you desire?

Let’s look at a few tips to make sticking with that New Year’s resolution easier.

Set Realistic Resolutions From The Start

The first quick tip to remember for sticking with your New Year’s resolution is to make sure that you’re setting realistic resolutions in the first place.

Many people often set goals that are just a bit too lofty for what they can realistically accomplish and in doing so, are setting themselves up to fail.

Make sure you evaluate your ability to commit time, energy, and financial resources to achieving your goal to put into perspective what you can and cannot obtain.

Keep Yourself Accountable

The second thing that you should think about to ensure that your resolutions are something that you will keep is to make sure you have some method of accountability in check.

Tell a friend or close family member what your goals are and have them check in with your progress regularly.

Or, perhaps you will post your workouts in an online journal with a small community of users who are all working towards the same goal.

Just have something in place that serves as a check upon your balance.

Get The Help You Need

Another important thing that you need to remember is that it’s a must that you get the help that you need.  If you aren’t highly advanced with exercise or know a fair amount of nutrition yourself, you need to consult with a personal trainer or dietician.

Having them on your team to guide you through the process will make things far easier and ensure that you have no problem seeing progress moving forwards.

A properly designed workout and diet program really is a must for success, so be sure that you don’t overlook this.

Utilize Mini Goals

Finally, last but not least, also set some smaller mini goals or stepping stones along the way.  Set a larger long term resolution that you want to reach in a few months’ time but then also set some mini goals along the way.

These goals are goals that will serve as benchmarks for you to work towards and help you see precisely how you’re stacking up in terms of reaching that long term goal.

Mini goals will also give you a high feeling of satisfaction upon reaching them, propelling you to continue onwards with your program.

So there you have a few great ideas to ensure that you meet your New Year’s resolutions.  Get these in place and you can make this the year that you finally see success.

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5 Foods To Avoid This Holiday Season

As the holiday season gets und

erway, there are a number of foods that you need to be extra careful about and try to avoid at all costs.  While most people will know the obvious dietary offenders – chocolate, cookies, cakes, and so on, some foods sneak right by us.

While we may know that they aren’t especially ‘healthy’, we don’t quite realize just how much damage they can do.

Let’s go over five of the top foods that you should make sure you’re avoiding this coming holiday season.A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...


The first must-avoid food to be put on your list is regular Eggnog.  Not only is Eggnog not a wise decision due to the calorie count, but the high saturated fat content in it is going to really cause heart health problems as well.

Furthermore, the alcohol is going to supply nutrient devoid calories that will only contribute to your waistline.

If you must have eggnog this season, find a healthier recipe and prepare it yourself.


Moving along, stuffing is the next dish that you should be adding to your ‘do not eat list’. Most people see stuffing and realize that it is very high in carbs and likely calories as a result.

But what they don’t realize is that if the stuffing has been prepared inside the turkey, all the fat from the turkey will have absorbed right into the bread.

This makes it not only high in carbs, but high in fat as well.  This combination is especially dangerous for those on a fat loss diet.

Spiced Nuts

Spiced nuts are the next food that you need to be careful about adding into your diet.  While nuts are generally quite healthy, the problem here is that they are way too high in calories.  Due to the added salt and seasonings on the nuts, it’s going to make portion control next to impossible as you’ll take one small handful and shortly be back for more.

All these calories will really add up quickly and further destroy your diet plan.

Cinnamon Buns 

If you’re someone who likes to prepare cinnamon buns for a special breakfast during the holiday mornings, think twice about this treat as well.  Low in protein but very high in simple carbs and fats, all these will do is spike your insulin levels, causing a high amount of fat gain.

Cinnamon buns are not going to be ideal for anyone who has weight maintenance in mind, so really do consider taking a pass and opting for a bowl of oatmeal or a piece of whole grain toast with some form of protein.

Chocolate Truffles

Finally, chocolate truffles are the last item to avoid this holiday season.  While most people do realize, as we stated, that chocolate isn’t the wisest of options, these are especially bad as most pack in well over 100 calories per truffle and since they’re smaller, you think just one or two won’t hurt.

It will.  If you’re craving chocolate, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate with some low fat milk.

So there you have the main foods to avoid this holiday season.  Be sure to check out Phen 375 as well, which can help make controlling your diet that much easier.

your inner voice

Today I will discuss the need to be consistent with your healthy diet, it depends on your health
when we started a routine of food, we always want to see results fast, and after a day simply stopped feeding grounds when the truth is not as important.
when you start a food process, and want to see real results, consistency is the one that counts, because not only struggles with your customs, also with your voice inside you that says,! are not going to make it!.
will always be this inner voice telling you the same thing every day, but everything changes when your record is slowly getting results, this is the first major achievement on your own.
Your healthy diet should be supported with exercises to improve your results.
starts slowly, remember is a process.
As you know, water is a support for this cause and taken regularly works, important fasting is more effective at getting up, improve your circulation, helps regulate your digestion.
a glass every day is the key to beat your inner voice that is certainly your toughest opponent.
trick: this glass of water fasting Add it the juice of 2 lemons, you mantedran thin and rejuvenated.
Do you know the benefits of lemon?
waiting for the second part of this message
ps: remember the wins record what happiness is not enough.
be positive and move on

for your success

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low carbohydrate diet with your


Four Tips For Using Low Carb Diets

If you’ve been looking at all the various diet programs that are out on the market, one variety that you’ve without a doubt come across is the low carb diet.

Almost everyone seems to be jumping on the low carb bandwagon as the diet promises fast and effective weight loss.

While it’s true that these diets can help you reach your goals, you must remember a few important tips to make sure that they work most effectively for you.

Let’s go over the main things to note so that you can see fast results from your low carb diet plan.

Cut Back On Exercise Volume

The first tip that you’ll want to keep in mind is that when on a low carb diet plan, you should cut back on your exercise volume slightly.  The reason for this being that you won’t have as much stored muscle glycogen when using a low carb approach, and it’s this muscle glycogen that fuels all your physical activity.

When it drops down, so will your intensity level so to help maximize the benefits that you get from your workout, go for shorter sessions instead.

Eat Plenty Of Vegetables

The second tip to remember when on a low carb diet is that you must never cut out or reduce your consumption of vegetables.

Vegetables are so low in calories in the first place that they’ll hardly contribute any carbs to your diet at all, but more importantly they’re chalk full of nutrients.

Add vegetables to each meal and preferably each snack you eat and you’ll move that much further ahead on your diet plan.

Drink Up

Moving on, it’s also going to be essential that you’re drinking enough water when on your low carb diet plan.  Higher protein, lower carb diets do tend to have a dehydrating effect on the body, so by drinking more water you’ll help to offset this.

Also, by having plenty of water throughout the day as well as using an appetite suppressant such as Phen 375, you can really take the edge off your hunger as well.

Low carb diets by nature tend to decrease the overall hunger levels you feel, but adding more water and your appetite suppressant take this effect one step further.

Add A Few High Carb Days

Finally, the last thing that you should note is that you should aim to have a few higher carb days in your diet as well.

High carb days are going to help to offset any slow-down to your metabolism that you experience, therefore helping ensure that you don’t hit a diet plateau.

Higher carb days will also help to relief you of any food cravings that you may be suffering from as well, so this can be an added benefit of having these in there.

All in all, low carb diets can definitely be an effective way to structure your fat loss approach but you must be sure to do so wisely by making use of all of the above tips.  If you are sure to follow these, you will see the fat loss progress you’re looking for.

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